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Ju-Mui Hawaiian Ice Pops

Techni-Ice: Keep 50 Pops Frozen for 6 Hours

Techni-Ice: Keep 50 Pops Frozen for 6 Hours

Keep your pops frozen longer than ice alone! We do not make profit on this item, this is solely to ensure your pops stay fresh. (4-ply re-usable for up to 6 months)

How to use:

* Stack your Techni Ice on top of each other! They work better this way instead of spread out.

* Avoid getting techni ice wet. 

* When done, simply let it thaw out and store in a plastic bag for future use. Re-freeze as needed.

 This item does not apply to any promotions or discounts.

Please note: Only get this item as part of an ice pop order! Cannot be purchased on it's own.

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