Business Plan

Thank you for your interest in Ju-Mui! Please find our business plan below. Feel free to ask any questions and we'd be happy to help.

  • Executive Summary
        1. Business Name: Ju-Mui Hawaiian Ice Pops
        2. Business Location: 723 Umi St (Kitchen)
        3. Mission Statement: Be the dessert of choice for locals and tourists of Hawaii to give a taste of the flavors that define our islands
  • Business Description
        1. Business Type: Small-scale manufacturing and retail
        2. Products: Hawaiian shaved ice pops in 6 flavors - Strawberry, Vanilla, Mango, Lychee, Lilikoi, Ube
        3. Market: Local residents, tourists, events, fundraisers, wholesale to retailers
        4. Unique Selling Proposition: Jumbo size, locally made, unique flavors
  • Market Analysis
        1. Target Market: Hawaii residents and tourists looking for a cool, nostalgic treat. Also local events, fundraisers.
        2. Market Trends: Hawaiian shave ice remains popular, demand for locally made products.
        3. Competitors: Local shave ice shops, national brands like Otter Pops. Differentiate with flavors of Hawaii and jumbo size.
  • Products and Services
        1. Products: Hawaiian shaved ice pops in 6 flavors made with real fruit juices. Jumbo size.
        2. Production: Handmaade locally in small batches. Packaged in proprietary plastic sleeves.
        3. Pricing: Competitive pricing based on value provided to customer. $2.39-$3 retail.
  • Operations Plan
        1. Layout: Usage of commercial kitchen and freezer for production.
        2. Equipment: Proprietary filling method, commercial freezer, and delivery van.
        3. Labor: Primarily part time production assistants currently. Family operated.
        4. Seasonality: Higher sales in summer months. Adjust production accordingly.
        5. Future plans: Source machinery to automate filling process to scale production.
  • Marketing Strategy
        1. Branding: Focus on authentic, locally-made Hawaiian flavors. Vibrant, tropical imagery.
        2. Sales Channels: Wholesale, online (Shopify), events, fundraisers.
        3. Promotions: Product sampling, social media
        4. Advertising: Paid ads on Facebook, Google, Yelp. UGC content on Instagram and TikTok.
  • Financial Plan
        1. Operating Costs: $8,000/month - Rent, labor, ingredients, utilities.
        2. Revenue: $15k+/month in sales, trending upwards year over year
        3. Funding: Self funded
  • Risk Assessment
        1. Seasonality is only real risk of sales (but its always hot in Hawaii!)
        2. All supplies have multiple sources and do not depend on a single vendor.
  • Future Growth
  • Near term goals (3-12 months)
          1. Get into additional store chains locally: ABC Stores, Foodland, Whole Foods
          2. Partial rebrand for tourists as ‘Shave Ice Pops’: same formula, but easier to understand for visiting customers
          3. Increase operations to scale outer island deliveries
          4. Open up kitchen in Las Vegas to tap into former resident of Hawaii market + asian foods market
          5. Establish major partnerships with hotels and event producers (e.g. Sundry shops, events at Waikiki shell, conventions at Hawaii Convention Center
  • Long term goals (12+ months)
          1. Expansion into other product lines
          2. Expansion into other states
          3. Major partnerships with Hawaiian airlines
          4. Get into national grocery chains (Walmart, Kroger’s, Trader Joe’s, etc.)
          5. Exclusive flavors for different partners to encourage customers to seek them out (e.g. “Find Waikiki Watermelon only at these locations!”)
  • Conclusion
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